We are a Swedish design brand for our senses that unites native wisdom and urban life.
We design lifestyle products that touch our senses, to get in contact with ourselves, so that we can feel and be more.

My story is that I have always created design and concepts that reflect the time we live in. My path has travelled through the field of fashion towards this lifestyle concept that touches our senses. During my 25 years as a designer, co-founding the Swedish fashion brand HOPE, I have constantly lived my life in the fast lane focusing on the future. NOW has never been on my agenda. Neither has goals been described as feelings. I came to a point where I was missing the feeling of present life. I started searching for tools to support my need to be in the moment. I discovered that a fantastic way to get in contact with myself was to include my senses.

They helped me reach into my body and create a sensor between the world around me and my emotional mood. By using the sense of smell, touch, taste and hearing I started to experience life more. I wanted to bring home tools for the senses, like scents, ceramic oil burners and gem stones. But I was missing products that were carrying both native wisdom, from the world of spirituality, and a design for my urban life that matched my aesthetic style. I started to visualize a design concept combining these two needs. My new brand, founded from my own experience and conviction was born.

- Ann Ringstrand, May 2017 -

Our conviction is that by sharing good design we create inspiration, nurture relationships and build confidence. 

We value making and makers. We believe that long lasting relationships are the founding for good design and growth in balance. We honor craft and crafmanship by including the artisan ́s skills in our process. We trust our partners to value their work and know-how by respecting the price and pride they put onto and into our products.

Our business is built from a sustainable philosophy. We supply a timeless and consistent design. The products have high quality and are made in small units with great care and attention. The creating process is efficient. The timeline between us, our makers and you is short. No trials, no unnecessary sampling being produced and transported over our planet. No waist in manpower or material sources. We produce where material and skills are local resources and we take great pride in our partnership with small artisan makers. Our responsibility is to use our conviction and experience to efficiently create good design. And in any way possible, we choose mindfully the long lasting options.

Ann Ringstrand biography

The designer Ann Ringstrand, born in Sweden, has created fashion since early 1990.

In 2001 

after her design education at Copenhagen Academy of Pattern Making and The School of Fashion and Textile, she co-founded the Swedish fashion brand HOPE. Ringstrand has been awarded in Scandinavia with Newcomer of the Year, Designer of the Year, The Golden button and nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year. Her collections have been shown at Paris Fashion Week and she has opened more than 10 brand stores in northern part of Europe.

In 2015

Ringstrand left the daily operations of her fashion company to start a creative studio in NY together with ceramic sculptor Maria Moyer and lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. This was a studio for inspiration, creativity and a place for Ann to develop new ideas. Ringstrand worked on graphic screen printing art as well as experimenting with scents, ceramics and gemstones. As a result of the work in the Lower East Side studio and in combination with the designer ́s interest in yoga and meditation Ringstrand decided to deepen her education of perfumes in California as well as sourcing for energetic gemstones in Brazil.

In 2017

Ann Ringstrand launched a new brand with designs for our senses. She teamed up with perfumers in Paris to design her own niche perfume line made in France. She also connected with a jewellery artisan in the mountain area of Belo Horizonte in Brazil to make her gemstone designs. The concept developed a fragrance series with ceramic ware for scent diffusing, a gemstone jewellery collection and a small line of studio wear for mindful moments of yoga and meditation. The brand is available from June 2017 directly sold by the annringstrand.com web shop as well as through selective collaborations with retailers within interior, fragrance, life style, fashion and spa retreats. These retail collaborations will be available from September 2017.