The studio on Lower East Side, NY

It all started in April 2014 at a brunch gathering in New York’s West Village where I met with my friends, lighting designer Lindsey Adelman and sculptor Maria Moyer.  We decided to share a studio where Maria and Lindsey would work on ceramics and I set up a space for screen printing. We called our space the Make Tank.

As I removed myself from daily operations at Hope, I used our two years together in our studio to redefine my creativity and inspiration. The first time I created screen prints was during my fashion design studies in Sweden. When I moved to Stockholm to work as a fashion designer, I continued screen printing using night-school studios. The focus and concentration involved in the making, created a strong feeling of being present in now. I remembered that this was very peaceful and relaxing. Working with my hands, creating from my mind with no hesitation, was as healing then as it is now.


  by Ann Ringstrand